15mL (1/2 oz) Boston Round LDPE Plastic Bottle with Yorker Spout Cap

  • Capacity: 15 milliliters (1/2 ounce) - Easy to squeeze, leak free, durable and reusable.
  • Yorker Red Tip Spout Caps with no hole - stays sealed until you puncture or snip it. Customize the opening to your desired size using a needle, safety pin, scissors, etc.
  • Applies a small amount of product to a targeted area. Perfect for storing and dispensing many kinds of liquids or powders including paints, glues, oils, etc. Makes an excellent glitter poof bottle!
  • Both bottle and cap are made from Low Density Polyethylene (#4 LDPE) and are BPA Free. This is a food-grade plastic (wash before use).
  • Semi-transparent. Recyclable. Made in the USA

Superior bottles for kitchen projects, arts and crafts, tattoos, inks, and hobbies of all kinds. They're semi-transparent so it's easy to see the color and level of the contents. The red cap snaps firmly into place when it's time to store the bottle. Not a child resistant cap.

Dimensions of a single 15mL (1/2 ounce) bottle with cap on:
8.22 cm (3.25 inches) tall
2.54 cm (1 inch) at its widest diameter

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