Authorized Distributors

happy-face.png Authorized Distributors of 510 Central Products

To ensure the best buying experience, 510 Central products are sold only through authorized distributors with expressed written consent. We can only honor warranties or returns for purchases made directly through these distribution channels:

sad-face.png Buyer Beware - Unauthorized Sellers of 510 Central Products

We cannot honor warranties or returns for purchases of made through online channels in violation of our distribution agreements. We cannot guarantee the quality of these products as they may be defective or damaged products, gray market or stolen goods, or counterfeits.
Unauthorized Sellers include, but are not limited to:


Limited Warranty:

• Our limited warranty guarantees Products will arrive free from manufacturing defects.
• Coverage is limited to the original purchaser, and is limited to purchases made from Authorized Distributors of 510 Central products.
• To obtain warranty service free of charge, please notify us within 30 days of delivery.